'How will that painting look on MY wall?'

Have you ever hesitated over buying an original painting because you are not sure how it will look on your wall? READ ON for one possible solution...

'Sailboat at Heybridge Basin', above a blue couch

'Sailboat at Heybridge Basin', above a blue couch

When making an investment in original art, ideally, you want that painting to have:

  • timeless appeal  
  • style and colour scheme that both resonate with you, personally, so that wherever you hang the piece in the future, it will look perfectly at home.  

For many years to come, it will still bring you joy!  

There is something of a standing joke amongst artists regarding collectors whose major consideration is "will it match my couch?". The reality of today's market is that we have so much choice, it might be easier to buy a new couch to match your amazing piece of art!  

All joking aside, you want to be confident that a new painting will sit comfortably in your home.

Concerns might be:

  • What is the scale of the painting? It can be hard to visualise the size from a list of centimetres.
  • Does the style fit with the look of my furniture?
  • Does the mood of the art complement the mood and purpose of the room?
'Sailboat at Heybridge Basin' ©Susan Clare, above a desk

'Sailboat at Heybridge Basin' ©Susan Clare, above a desk

Whilst many artists are willing to allow you to 'sit with' a piece in your home for a couple of days to see how it feels, that is often not geographically feasible.

'Sailboat at Heybridge Basin' ©Susan Clare, with round dining table

'Sailboat at Heybridge Basin' ©Susan Clare, with round dining table

A partial solution is to view images of the art in a 'staged setting' photo, like those I've shown above. Again, it is not your own living room, dining room etc.

So I am proposing a solution...

If you are interested to see how one of my paintings would look in a particular spot on YOUR wall, just email me, with a snapshot of your wall-space, showing some of the surrounding furniture. Also, let me know the title of the painting you are considering. I will send you back a mock-up of your room photo with my art, to scale, on the wall.

Obviously this is not 100% exact, since the differences in lighting conditions may make a  differences to the hues.  However, I think it is a great tool to make use of when embarking on shipping art some distance.

Three things you need to get started:

  • a link to my most comprehensive collection of paintings online at: https://www.artworkarchive.com/profile/susan-clare
  • a snapshot of the space on your wall
  • my email address (or click here for Contact tab): <artist@susanclare.co.uk>

What are you waiting for?

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