Yellow-billed Parrot

This lovely Yellow-billed Parrot was painted from a photo taken by Wendy Ann Lee, scientist, photographer, birder, game keeper and proprietor of the Seven Oaks Sanctuary for Wildlife, in Runaway Bay, Jamaica. 

Wendy is passionate about rescuing both species of these parrots, endemic to Jamaica (this and the black-billed), which are protected under law. However, it is a long uphill road in educating the public and keeping the young birds out of the hands of unscrupulous pet traders.

I painted the parrot, both because its beauty and friendly look appealed, but also to raise awareness of the important work that Wendy undertakes, pretty-much single-handed. I am donating 20% of the proceeds to her Sanctuary and if you feel inspired to do the same, you can contact Wendy by email at


or follow her FB Page: Seven Oaks Sanctuary for Wildlife

To watch a live painting time-lapse of the Yellow -billed Parrot Painting, go here: