Vibrant Vases ©Susan Clare

Vibrant Vases ©Susan Clare

Chelmsford Evening Workshops

Dates & Subjects

Thursday evenings from 7.30 - 9.30 pm on the following three dates:

26th October, 2017    -   Creating Atmosphere         (Click to see pics)

23 November, 2017   -   Creating Texture

7 December, 2017     -    Vibrant Darks

LOOK OUT FOR MORE DATES IN 2018 from March onwards...

Email me to register your interest


Cost £20 per session. 

I am taking deposits of £5 per session,

spaces limited to 12. 


Sessions include a demo and individual coaching. 

Subjects are fairly broad, based on composition challenges, to encourage individual growth and experimentation (not a paint-along).

Since the subjects are composition based, you can paint in watercolours, acrylics or mixed media, as you prefer.

Ideally, bring along a subject reference that you have been thinking about painting, that will challenge you in the area suggested for that session e.g. creating atmosphere in the first session.  I will have reference pics you can use.


TO MAKE A BOOKING or find out more, call me, email me, or click here to book through the SHOP


what to bring


where to find us

Bring along your usual painting kit, either watercolours, acrylics or mixed media.

An easel or support board if you use one.

Your reference material

A notebook, sketchpad or practice paper.

I provide: Tea/coffee and biscuits. Water for painting. A variety of reference photos