Dates & subjects

Tuesdays 1 - 4 pm



July 30 - Leigh Boats *

Aug 13 - Ponds and waterways

Aug 20 - Coastal scenes with rocks

Sep 10 - Craggy landscapes

Sep 24 - Late Summer blooms

Oct 8 - Underwater life

Oct 15 - Fall landscapes


April 28 - Spring to Life

May 19 - Trees & skies

May 26 - People in conversation

June 16 - Marshes & waterbirds

June 23 - Jug of Wildflowers 

June 30 - Summer berries

July 14 - Seashore critters

July 28 - Boats under sail

Aug 11 - Poison Flowers 

Aug 25 - Portals

Sept 8 - The Long & Winding Road

Sep 22 - Seedheads


Prices & booking



Introductory Offer £20 per session (£25 incl. all materials)

Click here to book, or call me  (07591 205371) to let me know you are coming (especially if you need materials).

(Unfortunately it has been necessary to increase the introductory price a little this year.)

To lock in the previous price of £15 per session, simply pay for the term of eight sessions (16 July - 15 October, 2019, inclusive) for £120.

Click here to buy this package deal online, or email me here if you prefer not to shop on the internet.

what to bring





Painting Supplies:- 

brushes - a large wash brush, a round (about size 8 to 12), a smaller round for details (size 8 or smaller), (flat brush 1/2" optional) 

palette, - notepad/sketchbook, pencil (2B or more), eraser 

painting pad, block or at least three sheets of watercolour paper (A4 or larger), a support board if you have one 

watercolour paints, (I prefer the Artists' tube paints by Winsor & Newton,) 

recommended colours: Winsor (phthalo) blue (green shade), French Ultramarine, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow, Lemon Yellow Hue, in other words a warm and cool version of each primary colour, as a basic palette, plus optional extras could be: Burnt Sienna, Permanent Sap Green, Dioxazine Purple, Permanent Rose, Quinacridone Gold, Indigo, Burnt Umber. Don'tworry if you don't have all these - just bring what you have. 

We will sometimes paint from live scenes in front of you, or if you prefer you can work from photos - bring your own if you have some you like, or I can provide a choice of reference material.


NB   I can now supply SAA materials for you to buy at highly competitive prices eg Bockingford 140 lbs and 200 lbs paper.

where to find us

HOFS is right on the A13 at Hadleigh,  opposite Morrisons Supermarket.


FREE parking onsite, on the RHS opposite Morrisons, where the one-way traffic starts.


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