Your photos

We may need to work from your photos if

  • you are geographically removed from me
  • the portrait subject has passed away
  • the portrait is from a special occasion, e.g. a Wedding or Engagement,

The basic procedure for the commission is the same, but without my photo shoot session with the subject.

I can work from your photo/s, provided they show enough detail and the lighting is appropriate.  I like natural light for portraits, especially side lighting, or the lovely golden light with the low angle that you get in the late afternoon, or towards sunset, or after sunrise.  This look can also be achieved near to a window, or on a verandah.  Please avoid direct, full frontal, flash photos.

The subject should be wearing something that they feel comfortable in, but avoid distracting patterns.  

If you want to send me a few photos to see if they can work, the size should be about 1 MB jpeg format.


The price will be adjusted if there is no photo shoot.  The Price List is a guide and each commission is priced individually, according to the special items required, (or not).

After initial discussion and agreement on photo material, size, general mood and so on, a 50% downpayment will be due.

Final payment is due after approval of the painting, either in person or by email of photos of the finished portrait.

Framing and/or shipping costs are separate, where required.


The paintings in the carousel above where all undertaken from client photos and some of the subjects I had never met.

These are some of the comments I received:


"Hi Susan,

Amazing how you captured Lieke in the portrait. It is really lovely.

We think it is finished already. You captured her just the way she is in the pictures we always get from her parents. The background is perfect. Her eyes look lovely and sparkling.  We only know her from the pictures. And if we see your portrait it looks just like Lieke."

                                                                                      -  Jaap and Lineke van Dam


24 May 2013

"Dear Susan,

Someone came by the house last weekend and was so impressed with the portrait. She has known the boys for years!  She thought you had really "captured" them. She was even more impressed when I told her, it was from a pic."

- Fern


Nicky Williams commented on Susan Clare Portraits's photo.

"Fantastic portrait of a v handsome boy. This completely captures Monty's spirit. Thank you again"


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