'Interwoven' Giclée Print

Interwoven (1).jpg
Interwoven (1).jpg

'Interwoven' Giclée Print


The Story:

This lovely palm grows in my garden in Jamaica in the centre of a circle of sitting stones.  When the sun is low in the sky, the light glows through the leaves in golds and bronzes.  The way the palm frond's 'fingers' intertwine with each other looks like hands gesturing support and comfort.  It reminds me how all our lives, and forms of life, are interwoven, touching, brushing, supporting and influencing each other.  The dominant colours are golds, bronzes, olive greens and deep purples.  In the original painting, the textural details were applied in ink, over the watercolour painting.

The Practical Details:

This high quality reproduction is made using archival inks

Printed on Somerset Velvet Enhanced acid-free paper, inscribed with the Fine Art Guild Trade Guild logo.

Mounted with an off-white, quality mount and backing card.  

It is individually signed by the artist and packaged in a crystal art bag to protect from dust, until you have it framed.  

The mount is sized to fit a frame 20" x 16"

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