private ONLINE tutorial sessions

keep in touch, fine-tune your areas of focus and keep progressing on your painting journey…



how does it work?

Introducing a new way to connect with me: 
If you have been frustrated with a certain technique in your watercolours...
If you have recurring problems with colour mixes...
If you want some suggestions to improve your compositions...
If you are not sure how to finish off your latest painting...
If you'd just like some friendly encouragement and feedback on your work...

I invite you to try my new PRIVATE ONLINE TUTORIAL SESSIONS!

I am making these available online.  If you have ever talked to your grandchildren, or friends through the computer, it is just that easy.  We can use whichever platform you are comfortable with, like Skype, Messenger, FaceTime etc.

You choose your time slot for a 45 minute session. Save up all your questions and have your 'problem samples' ready to show me.  At the appointed time, I will ‘call’ you on the computer. You can ask me all your art-related questions and show me your latest work. I will give you constructive feedback, including personalised mini-demos and suggestions as to how to approach the areas you are having issues with. (Your computer’s built in camera should be adequate for this.)

You can ask me specific questions about problems you have with techniques, colour theory and brushwork, all in the comfort of your own home - perfect for the winter months, in the North.

what if we’ve never met?


prices and booking

If you've not been to my classes before, you will need the longer Introductory Session of 1 hour, so that I can understand what you are trying to achieve, your experience level, the materials you are using and personal painting style.


Your Introductory 1 hour tutorial is £45 (US$60) - follow the link here to the Shop item for payment, then I will contact you re: scheduling a time slot.

Existing students: Each 45 min Private Tutorial is £30 (US$40), noting that this is an intensive period, focussed on you, in contrast to a workshop where you are painting for much of the time, with a few minutes of guidance here and there. You can book these as and when you feel the need for them - I envisage about once a month. I may offer package pricing if there is demand (let me know if you would like this). Follow the link here to the Shop item for payment, then I will contact you re: scheduling your time slot. If you prefer not to shop online, just email me and we can work out another payment method.

Looking forward to connecting with you this way and to your continued creative enjoyment in watercolour painting.